The Specifications of Samsung S8 Edge in Screen

Are you curious about the new phone from Samsung? Are you such a gadget addict? If yes, you should be happy because next month in February 2017, Samsung will release its new phone. The new phone is Samsung S8 edge. If you are curious about this phone, in this case, we are going to talk more about it especially about the screen resolution.

For the general specifications, Samsung S8 edge will have 5.7 screen size resolution and the weight 16 g. The size and the weight is standard like the common phone nowadays too. The resolution of this phone is about 2560 x 1440 pixels. For the standard phone, the resolution of this phone is already high. You will get the bright and the good screen resolution for watching the video or looking the photos.

Then, this phone also support for the force touch and the super amoled feature that will make your phone look so stylish and sophisticated. The features of Samsung S8 edge is the highest one compared to the other phones from Samsung because this phone is expected to be one of the most popular from this product. For the screen resolution, this phone can be considered as a good one compared to the other phone.

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