Most Fascinating Places Indonesia To Visit Beside Bali

Bali, indeed, is a great place to visit. However, Indonesia is more than Bali, and there is a lot of things to explore. Most fascinating places Indonesia are scattered from the west to east and each of them is unmissable. Flores island part of east nusa tenggara welcomes you with its unique craters for its colors. Climb to the top of Kelimutu Mountain to witness its beauty. Spiderweb rice farm is another interesting thing to see.

You can’t escape Sumatra for the stunning views from its highest peak, the rainforest, and of course the unspoiled beaches, and once you reached the island, you will understand why Sumatra is considered as most fascinating places Indonesia. You can’t miss Java for your next visit in Indonesia.

There is the capital Jakarta with the hustle and bustle of metropolitan city. But it doesn’t mean that is the only thing you get in there. Yogyakarta is another list for most fascinating places Indonesia for many reasons, not to mention, if you want to spend some of your time at the famous Borobudur temple. Sulawesi and its mind-blowing underwater biodiversity consist of colorful fishes and corals, that island is heaven for divers.

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